7th Sangka sa Kaha: Aloguinsan’s Tinubaang Tinonuang Kinsan

Sangka sa Kaha is a beautiful project of Cebu Parklane International Hotel to showcase different traditional and local dishes from all over Cebu.

Sangka sa Kaha

“A hotel in Cebu that stands for Cebu”,

In partnership with Aloguinsan municipality and Cebu tourism, the 7th year, Sangka sa Kaha visited Aloguinsan’s specialty dish Tinubaang Tinonuang Kinsan (kinsan fish in coconut wine and coconut milk).

Cebu Parklane Sangka sa Kaha

Kinsan Festival

The event is a highlight for Kinsan Festival. Aloguinsan’s annual festivity that is especially held to promote mainly its Kinsan fish products.

Aloguinsan Kinsan Festival

Kinsan fish is a type of grouper and relatively big, around a foot long and weighs about 3 kilos– a weight. Celebrated every second Sunday of June, which is the middle-high season of this fish abounding the municipality’s seawater.

Cebu Bloggers at Kinsan Festival - Sangka sa Kaha

Jeane, Angel, Kinsan Mascot and me

Seven contenders compete for Aloguinsan’s specialty dish. All menus are respectively delicious but nanay Erlinda Margallo-Gimenez from Bojo Aloguinsan Eco-tourism Association bested all other contestants.

Local Aloguinsan dish famous aloguinsan dish cebu local food Tinubaang Tinonuang Kinsan

Her winning dish will be included in the menu of Parklane Cebu hotel’s restaurant “Kan-anan”, together with past Sangka sa Kaha winning dishes; Humba sa Ronda, Torta de Argao, Takyong Sa Borbon, Podrida Sa Oslob, Bisayang Manok Sa Dumanjug, and, Adubaw nga Nokus Sa Sibonga.

Sangka sa Kaha 2018 winner Erlinda Margallo-Gimenez

Should you want to satisfy yourself with authentic Cebuano dishes, then visit Cebu Parklane hotel’s Kan-anan Restaurant located on the 4th floor. Cebu Parklane International Hotel is located at the corner of Archbishop Reyes Avenue and Escario Street.

Sangka sa Kaha 2018 contenstants Cebu Parklane Staff Aloguinsan Staff

Aside from the tasty Tinubaang Tinonuang Kinsan, Aloguinsan also prides its award-winning sustainable eco-tourism destination Bojo River with the Bojo River Cruise and the stunning white sand beach Hermit’s Cove. More about this on www.geemiz.com.

More photos of the event: Click Here

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I am a Bookworm

All my friends both online and offline knows how much I love books and reading. I don’t just read when ever I can, but I always make time to read every day.

I co-founded Cebu Book Club together with my good friend Nancy Cudis. Work and other personal matters caught us individually that the club rarely meets, but we do have occasional online interactions. Hopefully, we will get to hang again and talk about books and reading soon.

I mostly read fiction books but I have a shared non-fiction shelf with my better half. Yes, my half loves to read too – mostly nonfiction.

I read mostly all genres but Sci-fi and romance are my least favorite. I am fascinated reading about fairies, detectives, books, and bookshop related stories, and just story of people.

I love the Japanese literature and I hope to read most of their classics. I love how all characters of most Japanese authored novels are built.

Authors that I am a Fan Of
Gail Tsukiyama
Kazuo Ishiguro
Og Mandino
Leo Babauta
J.K Rowling
J.R.R Tolkien
G.R.R Martin

Fiction Book Recommends
The Little Prince
Harry Potter Series
Lord of the Rings Series
Game of Thrones Series
The Remains of the Day
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Samurai’s Garden
The Street of a Thousand Blossoms
Sherlock Holmes
A Second Wind
The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

Non-fiction Book Recommendations
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
Talent is Never Enough
The Difference Maker
The Greatest Salesman in the World
Awaken the Giant Within
The Monk who Sold his Ferrari
As a month Thinketh
Zen Habits

I hope this little bookworm corner of mine will inspire you to read or read more.

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The Need to be Offline

I am feeling anxious, unpeaceful and unsure for the past weeks now.
I am not sure if this is about work, personal life, blogging or social media? I really don’t know.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with my life right now. I am thankful for my work, babe, and family. Both work and personal life are for me perfect. But there is just something that makes me anxious.

Today I decided to stay away from social media – Instagram, twitter, and facebook. I think that this anxiety feeling is caused by needing to keep up on everything. Keeping up on posting to Instagram, keeping up on the news on twitter and I am so fed up with all the negative news popping here and there on Facebook.

This would be really challenging because I am a social media addict. I do social media when I get up and before I sleep. I post almost everything in social media.

I am an extrovert working home base and social media is my only means of socializing outside home.

This would be hard and I don’t know when I will be back. But one thing is for sure, I will continue blogging.

I don’t know what will happen but I am hoping for the best.

Pamanhikan: Bringing Back a Beautiful Filipino Tradition

If you are Filipino, you know what pamanhikan, pamayi, hatud, sayud is or at least have heard of it. But, what is really pamanhikan.

What is Pamanhikan?

Pamanhikan is a beautiful Filipino tradition, where a man and his family visit his future bride’s family in order to formally ask her hand for marriage and discuss the wedding plans.


What do I know about Pamanhikan?

The groom to be with his family and closest relatives and friends brings food and visits the house of his soon to be wife to formally ask her hand for marriage and discuss the wedding plan details.

The Millennial Pamanhikan

The couple invites both their families for a lunch or dinner in a restaurant to discuss their wedding plans. This usually last for 3 hours max.

My Pamanhikan Story

Babe and I love traditions, even though we may not live in some of it. We believe that traditions mark us of who we are.  Pamanhikan is one of those dying Filipino traditions that we hope to bring back along with “pagmano pr pagbless”

We already have plans on getting married. Started saving up and contacting some people. We need to make it official, thus the pamanhikan – it is what it is for.

What to do during pamanhikan

Babe is from Cebu and I am from Bohol. Basically more or less 188.5km or 117 miles away from each other. But God works in mysterious ways so here we are a couple for 10 years and getting married soon.

Babe and I are anxious for pamanhikan. We have been searching online for weeks on what to do and reminiscing the times we have attended a pamanhikan, but there is no step by step rule or flow of the event. I have contacted several videographers and photographers for the event and all of them asks what pamanhikan is? What is the flow? Etc. So we do not know exactly what to expect on that day.

How to of pamanhikan

2 weeks before pamanhikan babe and I are busy buying tickets for his family and close friends, booking a place for them to stay, book for cater, and book a videographer and photographer to capture the moment. All expenses except video and photo are paid by babe. Video and photo is from the wedding savings

What did we expect to happen on pamanhikan?

Day 1- June 10, 2017
11:30am Babe’s family arrival in resort
12:00pm Babe family arrival at home
Talk for a while
Talk some more
4:00pm Babe family back to resort to rest
7:00pm Babe family back to house for dinner
Talk for a while
9:00pm Back to resort to sleep
Day 2 June 11, 2017
7:00am Breakfast
9:00am Start Bohol Tour for both family
5:00pm Early dinner
6:00pm Babe’s family depart to Cebu



Filipino Tradition Pamanhikan

What exactly happen during pamanhikan?

Day 1- June 10, 2017
11:45am Babe’s family arrival in resort (freshen up)
Babe’s family quick photo shoot
Babe’s interview for the video
1:00pm Babe’s family arrival at home
Introduce each other
Uncle Jun started to talk about the reason why they visited
1:45pm Lunch
2:15pm Back to sitting and talk
Uncle Jun (babe’s uncle) back talking about the intention of the visit
Tatay (babe’s father) seconded the intention
Nanay (babe’s mom) Shares her sentiments
Mama (my mom) Shares her sentiments and accepted the intention
Mama Nit (my aunty) Shares her sentiments and accepted the intention
Aunty Ner (my aunty) Shares her sentiments and accepted the intention
Babe show a video (I did not expect this)
Babe formally proposed (I totally did not expect this)
Babe and I discuss the wedding plans
Chit chat some more of both families
4:00pm Babe family back to resort to rest
Babe and friends remain to eat lamaw with family (coconut juice)
5:00pm Babe and friends left to resort to rest
7:30pm Babe and family back at the house for dinner
Exchange some more chitchats
9:00pm Babe and family back to resort to sleep
I, together with sister and close friends go to the resort
Both set of friends mini pool party
1:00am Me, younger sister and friends went home
Day 2 – June 11, 2017
10:00am Me, mama, younger sis and close friends went to the resort
We brought snacks (cooked banana and sweet pototato)
Hang in the pool side- mama talking to babes family
11:30am Team Buktot and Avengers cooked lunch
1:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Prepare for checkout
2:00pm Checkout
Off to Tagbilaran and buy Pasalubong
4:00pm Arrival in Tagbilaran
5:00pm Babe family departs Tagbilaran


My Pamanhikan Story

The Beauty or Advantages of Pamanhikan

  1. Bringing the two family together. When you become a couple, you will become a one entity. So it is just likely to bring also both your family together.
  2. Both families will be closer even before wedding day. On the wedding day it is not just you and your family but there are your relatives and your friends, not to mention the wedding crashers. There is a little amount of time for them to talk and get along. But during the pamanhikan, it is the perfect time for both your family to bond and talk. Both families can share memories all day long. Just like what our families did.Advantages of pamanhikan
  3. Get together of the closest people around you. Aside from family, your best friends will also be there during pamanhikan. They won’t miss it for anything. It is the right time to introduce your friemily (friends that are already family). Your closest friends is there from the start of your relationship. They are your crying shoulders and tequila-mates in times of relationship mishaps. Introducing them to one another would create a solid support group.Who to invite during pamanhikan
  4. Makes the wedding more enjoyable. Since your family and closest friends have already met then there is no more awkward meet and greet during the wedding day. Everyone is already at ease with one another and is game for what is up to during the special day.
  5. Both your families will get to know each other. Time and communication is always of the essence for every relationship. May it be romance, friendly or other. During the pamanhikan both families will have enough time to talk to each other, bringing them closer.Getting to know each other through pamanhikan

From babe’s Facebook post

Pamanhikan to formally announce that we are getting married

Special thanks to these amazing peeps:

¦¦ Tiyo Jun, Tiya Babie, and Vince. ¦¦

One of the very few people that I personally look up to — thanks for leading the ‘pamanhikan’ pack, Uncle Jun. Excited to see the rest of Enteng’s bloodline soon, the powerful streetsmart lineage. respect!

¦¦ My “Addams” family ¦¦

Each of your weird attributes created the monster in me! haha! It was a proud moment to present our diversity to Gzel’s family. Tata Inday and Lunday family missing in action for now. 🙂

¦¦ To Langging’s family ¦¦

Tita Golong (labyu Tita, hehe), Ate Maria Dalisay (labyu ate, hehe), Papa Jun, Auntie Ner, Mama Nit and Kuya Cecil. Getting the elder Octubre siblings together on this day made the difference for me. Tapangans came unrepresented, but I know Tito Em was there to witness it, happy and proud as it was his birthday also — hope to see the rest of TapTweens and TapWangs soon!..

¦¦ Gnez ¦¦

for keeping the ring safely before the big moment. Salamat sa ninja moves, Nez!

¦¦ Team Buktot: Binot and Meldong ¦¦

I hope to repay your services in the future, thank you for the molar support and salamat sa cash! haha!

¦ Andrew for being our official photographer during the travels. WALA KA-ATTEND last Sat so walai lami!

¦ Mojo for his ‘useless’ post-analysis of the tradition — absent kay “busy” ug facebook. Please make your absence worth it, Mogz. Just hustle baby!!!

¦¦ Canjulao’s Avengers ¦¦

World’s best neighbors — Aploy, Yaye and MykTim “daw”. Mga lupon.. disco-gala ta puhon, larga kuradang!

¦¦ Jinzo, TJ, and Alfie ¦¦

For capturing this moment. How can we fail if its never been done before, right? Disrupt! Nothing but upside, awesome work!

¦¦ Fisca Plyder ¦¦

aka Clark Kent, for handling the t-shirt prints!..

Pamanhikan is a lovely Filipino tradition that I hope the new generation will still celebrate. As for my experience, the joy on that day June 10, 2017 is priceless. Seeing both our families together on that day is irreplaceable.

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*All photos from TJ Medrana Photography. Bohol’s Top Photographer

January Challenge Update: A Great Way to Start the Year

Ten days before February will end and why the heck I have just updated you just now. Well because I am overwhelmed in doing a lot of things in which not really helpful with my productivity. Plus internet and power outages makes me work during the day instead of my regular working hours.

January Challenge Upadte

What I have realized in the past 2 months of my challenge and the current month challenge is that it is a little crazy achieving so many things in one go. Before I wanted to do a lot because I wanted to change so many things in myself. But after almost 3 months I realized that it is very true that we need to change little by little. Achieve things one step at a time. Changing one little thing in your life takes up a lot of energy, how much more doing 2 or more. So starting this month, I will be doing 1 challenge at a time.

Now it is time to talk about how I did with my January Challenge

Write 2 Travel Blogpost

I am not that great on religiously writing a blog for like forever. I have so many pending blog article ideas, up to the point that I almost forget details of my travels. This year one of my goals is to write on my blog as much as possible and I am really happy that I have joined the weekly blogging challenge which started this February. So far last January I have only written one travel blog post, the 10 must Visit Bagan Temples and Pagodas. I failed in this challenge but I am eager to write as much.

Geemiz Travel Blog: Travel guide and Tips


  • I realized that I need to a lot a blogging day on my weekly schedule.
  • Improve my writing skills.


  • I am not prepared to write weekly.
  • Needs more time to write because I have to do research.
  • I get anxious on what to write because of the many stuff in my list.

Will I Continue with this challenge?

  • Probably yes, because of the weekly blogging challenge.
  • I love to share helpful travel tips, guides and ideas.

Write 2 Lifestyle Blog post

I have never been happier with my lifestyle blog. Now it seems that my blogging has no limit. I can share anything that I wanted to. Last January one of my challenges is to write at least 2 Lifestyle blog post and I am really happy that I am successful with the challenge. I think this is my first time to achieve a challenge and I am really contented with it.

Geemiz lifestyle Blog


  • It is easy to write with the Lifestyle blog because everything is free flow writing. No deep research needed.
  • I am excited with my Lifestyle blog so I keep on writing.


Will I Continue with this challenge?

  • Probably yes, because I love what I am doing right now.

As what I have said before, I may not be successful in some of the challenges but it does not mean that I will quit. Not everything you planned will be in its proper place. The most important thing is that you have started and work for it.

2 Travel Blog Post Challenge – 2.5/5

2 Lifestyle Blog Post Challenge – 5/5

I would love to meet and hear from you. Connect with GeeMiz

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