My Love to Share and Inspire

I believe that one of the things I am good at is communicating. I love talking to people and I love listening to them. I can go hours and hours talking and listening.

School Days
When I was in school my favorite part is reporting. I love speaking in front of the class or in front of the whole school. I love sharing to them the things that I learn during a seminar or the topic that I am assigned to. Frankly, I miss the good old days when I am in front of my classmates or schoolmates doing re-echo of the last seminar I have attended. The times when I talk to pupils from various elementary schools, inspiring them on the benefits of going to a sectarian high school.

Inspire to School

Professionally I still talk to people but just a handful when I need to train a colleague or walk the company’s way to our clients. Most of these I do online. And online meetings and reporting are different when you have it face to face.

Inspire to Work

Late last year as I look back on all the things that happened to me in the last 5 years I realized that I have been through a lot. My online work at home has flourished, my blogging has bloomed, I can travel when I want to, and my relationship has been really healthy. I am really grateful for all these things and I hope to share in one way or another part of this so that I may inspire others to live the life that they wanted to like I do.

Inspire to read and travel

If you are new here I would like to share my love for blogging. I have been blogging since 2008. From my blogger account Blithe to my self-hosted Travel blog Geemiz until this new subdomain Lifestyle blog I Am Geemiz. As I was looking at my blogging history, I realized that my love for sharing, talking and inspiring is the reason why I was blogging for almost 9 years now and this is one thing that I am proud of. Not everyone that I know lasted this long blogging and not everything I do last this far.

My Love for Blogging

I promise myself that I will continue to share and inspire others like I always wanted to do.

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