January Challenge Update: A Great Way to Start the Year

Ten days before February will end and why the heck I have just updated you just now. Well because I am overwhelmed in doing a lot of things in which not really helpful with my productivity. Plus internet and power outages makes me work during the day instead of my regular working hours.

January Challenge Upadte

What I have realized in the past 2 months of my challenge and the current month challenge is that it is a little crazy achieving so many things in one go. Before I wanted to do a lot because I wanted to change so many things in myself. But after almost 3 months I realized that it is very true that we need to change little by little. Achieve things one step at a time. Changing one little thing in your life takes up a lot of energy, how much more doing 2 or more. So starting this month, I will be doing 1 challenge at a time.

Now it is time to talk about how I did with my January Challenge

Write 2 Travel Blogpost

I am not that great on religiously writing a blog for like forever. I have so many pending blog article ideas, up to the point that I almost forget details of my travels. This year one of my goals is to write on my blog as much as possible and I am really happy that I have joined the weekly blogging challenge which started this February. So far last January I have only written one travel blog post, the 10 must Visit Bagan Temples and Pagodas. I failed in this challenge but I am eager to write as much.

Geemiz Travel Blog: Travel guide and Tips


  • I realized that I need to a lot a blogging day on my weekly schedule.
  • Improve my writing skills.


  • I am not prepared to write weekly.
  • Needs more time to write because I have to do research.
  • I get anxious on what to write because of the many stuff in my list.

Will I Continue with this challenge?

  • Probably yes, because of the weekly blogging challenge.
  • I love to share helpful travel tips, guides and ideas.

Write 2 Lifestyle Blog post

I have never been happier with my lifestyle blog. Now it seems that my blogging has no limit. I can share anything that I wanted to. Last January one of my challenges is to write at least 2 Lifestyle blog post and I am really happy that I am successful with the challenge. I think this is my first time to achieve a challenge and I am really contented with it.

Geemiz lifestyle Blog


  • It is easy to write with the Lifestyle blog because everything is free flow writing. No deep research needed.
  • I am excited with my Lifestyle blog so I keep on writing.


Will I Continue with this challenge?

  • Probably yes, because I love what I am doing right now.

As what I have said before, I may not be successful in some of the challenges but it does not mean that I will quit. Not everything you planned will be in its proper place. The most important thing is that you have started and work for it.

2 Travel Blog Post Challenge – 2.5/5

2 Lifestyle Blog Post Challenge – 5/5

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