December Challenge Update: Good Way to End the Year

Happy New Year!

Am I late with the greetings? well, it’s up to you.
This article is I know long overdue but thank you to my lazy schedule which is by the way is not an excuse so here I am writing my December update in the mid of January.

Let’s talk about how did I do with my December Challenge

Responsible Pet Owner Challenge
It was intense during the first and second week because my furbabies are really excited. Each time they see me with a leash they just keep on running around and jumping at me. My problem is that both of them wants to be leashed first so it is hard until they learned to calm down so that they can be leashed. I am successful in giving them bath ones a week, they still have little fleas every now and then but it has improved a lot.

Responsible Pet Owner

– I get reconnected with my dogs.
– I have increased my patience.
– I get migraine after the walks.
– I get back pain after giving them a bath.

December Pet Challenge Pet Challenge December

Will I continue with the challenge?
Yes, I will but instead of 1-hour walk I will have it 30 minutes and will do it twice a week instead of thrice a week.

Sleeping Challenge
I was successful in the first two weeks. I am already in bed by 3:00 am. But when I went home to Bohol for the holidays then I screw up my sleeping challenge big time. I always try to be in bed by 3:00am but it’s just hard. The reason for this is that my routine during the holidays especially in Bohol is different than my regular routine here in Cebu. During the holidays all I do is sleep during the day, I am well rested and my body is not accustomed to that kind of rest that’s why I am wide awake during my supposedly sleeping time.

December Sleeping Challenge

– Get to build a sleeping habit a little.
– I was not able to consider the holidays and the place. Bohol for me is like a vacation haven.

Sleeping Challenge December

Will I continue with the challenge?
Yes, but I will start in February because I am still trying to get back up from the holidays and looking for the ideal sleeping time which for now is 3:30am – 9:45am

I may not be that successful but overall I am happy with the result of my December challenge. I think I am going into the right direction with my dogs. Regarding sleeping, I think I need to work on this more and find more ways for me to have enough sleep during the night.

Dog challenge success rate – 4.5/5
Sleep challenge success rate – 3/5

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