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My Danasan Eco Adventure Park Journey

I have been longing to write about Danasan Eco Adventure Park, like circa 2012 but each time I told myself well next time if I tried this adventure and the next time, the same thing and it took me 5 visits to at last write something about this great place in the highlands of Danao City.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park Review

The year 2012 – The Unplanned Visit

1st visit with Team Buktot. This is actually an unplanned trip. Babe arrived home with his close high school friends.

I forgot all the details but I remember tatay telling us that we can ride with the owner’s service ma’am Inday and sir Mike going to Danasan Eco Adventure Park. So we hitched with them – the owners. The guys at the back of the pick-up car and me inside.

This time the park just opened, thinking of its current activities over the 2012 visit the park looks bare.

We are lucky that ma’am Inday tours us around and gave us details on their plans of the 133-hectare estate.

We tried the zip-line, wakeboarding, and horseback riding.

The Year 2013 – Advocates Unwind

2nd visit with my Bagumbayan family.

A planned trip that started with an alcohol-filled night at home (yep been there too) we rode a 1-hour habal-habal from Danao proper to Danasan Eco Adventure Park.

We arrived late so we only did wakeboarding and caving.

The Year 2014 – Taptweens Getaway

3rd visit with my Taptweenz cousin.

Have to tour around the cousins from the country down under. The cousins stayed at home for the night, we play cards as we always did since we were young and exchange shots on the side.

We enjoyed the ATVa lot and during this time that I fell in love with the ATV ride.

We did not miss the fun of the wakeboarding. A couple of splak then a few minutes later everyone is competing for wakeboarding.

Some of my cousins went horseback riding then after the tiring wakeboarding we enjoyed our self at the swimming pool.

The Year 2015 – Farewell Adventure

4th visit with my fellow adventurer baby cousin Maitha and babe of course who is always behind the scene taking photos.

Babe and I did not know that this is our farewell trip with our baby since she is pursuing her career in the land of Kiwis.

We Trek to the waterfalls did the rappel and of course, the Tyrolean in which at first I am having a second thought if I will do it, and courage prevail so I did.

We also ride the skydrop which is the newest adventure of that time. I and Maitha doing the tandem and babe doing it alone because he is brave like that and height adventure is his favorite.

The Year 2018 – BFF Laagans

5th visit with my BFF Laagans Mr. M – Cebu’s Lifestyle Blogger of and ate Chubs, the ultimate ate of all.

They both told me that this is our official annual trip for the year, but it is what they told me during our Western Cebu Backpacking Trip last April 2018 in which by the way I will be blogging next.

Aside from the fun and craziness this 2 brings, it also means that I will have lots of instagrammable photos.


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We tried a lot of rides, we did zip-line, horseback riding, skybike, speedway, ATV, and skydrop.

I am still looking forward to another adventure with this two this year.

Activities and Adventure to do in Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Thrilling Height Activities in Danasan Eco Adventure Park
Adrenaline Rush Speed Activities in Danasan Eco Adventure Park
Wet and Wild Water Activities in Danasan Eco Adventure Park
Soothing Nature Activities in Danasan Eco Adventure Park

My every visit to Danasan Adventure Park excites me. Each visit is different that is why I keep on coming to Danasan Eco Park.

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Great Food and Amazing View at Balay sa Busay

Living 33km. away from Cebu City and working at home makes me not to explore more of Cebu’s gastronomic side, and when a good friend invited me to visit Balay sa Busay I said, why not give it a try and I was impressed.

Balay sa Busay

Breathtaking View

Balay sa Busay is perfectly situated in Busay, where most people go to witness the perfect view of Cebu City as well as a glimpse of Mactan and nearby cities like Talisay in the south and Mandaue and Consolacion in the north.

Restaurant in Busay with amazing view

The Food

Balay sa Busay offers unique Filipino Cuisine most of us Bisaya is much more familiar. They are the dishes our grandparents, parents, uncles, and aunties prepare at home. Childhood memories and family gatherings flashback while I was enjoying my food and was happy to savor familiar tastes Filipino dishes that Balay sa Busay creatively innovated to make it its own.

Balay sa Busay Menu - Pomelo Salad

Pomelo Salad – Rate: 5/5 Price: 212php Serving: good for 2-3 Note: Pomelo (boongon) mix with cucumber (pipino) drizzled with sesame seeds

Balay sa Busay Menu - Watermelon Salad

Watermelon Salad – Rate: 5/5 Price: 235php Serving: good for 2-3 Note: a mix of watermelon, cucumbe, and singkamas

Balay sa Busay Menu - Mixed Root Crops

Mixed Root Chips – Rate: 5/5 Price: 115php Serving: good for 2-3 Note: deep fry root crops drizzled with sugar and chili powder

Balay sa Busay Menu -

Fried Mandunggo – Rate: 5/5 Price: 195php Serving: good for 2-3 Note: beef tripe fried and drizzled with sugar and chili powder

Balay sa Busay Menu - Sisig

Ang Paboritong Sisig ni Tatay – Rate: 5/5 Price: 210php Serving: good for 2-3 Note: not that spicy

Balay sa Busay Menu - Bisayang Manok

Bisayang Manok – Rate: 4.5/5 Price: 329php Serving: good for 3-4 Note: bisayang manok with kamunggay, lemon grass and sibuyas dahunan

Balay sa Busay Menu - Pancit-Batil-Patong

Pancit-Batil-Patong – Rate: 5/5 Price: 190php Serving: good for 3-4 Note: It is like pancit guisado mix with lechon kawali. Not oily, walay sabaw but not dry as well

Cebu Filipino Restaurant - fried Tuna Buntot

Fried Tuna Buntot – Rate: 5/5 Price: 360php Serving: good for 3-4 Note: well fry tuna, tender meat and not dry.

Filipino Food - Pinakbet Rice

Pinakbet Rice – Rate: Price: 335php Serving: good for 2-3 Note: Paella inspired rice. This one is rice mixed with the famous pinakbet (mixed veggies with shrimp paste). *No rating because I don’t eat rice

Filipino delicacy - Adobong Binisaya

Adobong Binisaya ni Bebe – Rate: 5/5 Price: reg-399php, half-250php Serving: Note: deep fry adobo cut pork.homie way of cooking adobo. my most favorite.

Cebu seafood - Shrimps in Buko

Shrimps in Buko – Rate: no rating, because I am allergic to shrimp but friends say it’s really good. Price: 299php Serving: good for 2 Note: sauteed shrimp with sauce in coconut.

Must Try Filipino Food - Pochero Rice

Pochero Rice – Rate: 5/5 (I only ate the pochero part) Price: 385php Serving: good for 3-4 Note: Rice and pochero mix together

Balay sa Busay Chicken menu - Honey chili Wings

Honey Chili Wings – Rate: 4.5/5 Price: 225php Serving: food for 2-3 Note: fried wings with honey and drizzled with chili powder * I love it but would love it more if it has an option to drizzle fried garlic on it, same with Tiktilaok

Filipino dessert - palitaw

Palitaw Plain – (There is a palitaw yema option) Rate: 4/5 Price: Serving: 3 pieces Note: flat rice cake rolled in coconut, sugar and sesame seeds

Unique Filipino Dessert - Banana Cue Ala Mode

Banana Cue Ala Mode – Rate: 4.7/5 Price: 95php Serving: good for 2 Note: fried banana cooked with brown sugar served with vanilla ice cream drizzled with sesame seeds

Pinoy dessert - puto

Putong Itom – Rate: 5/5 Price: 60php Serving: 3 pieces Note: ground black rice

Click Here for Menu and More Photos

A Tour of Balay sa Busay
I am loving the homey and spacious interior of Balay sa Busay. You have an option to stay indoors on the air condition room or stay outdoors and enjoy Busay’s fresh air.

How to go to Balay sa Busay?

Balay sa Busay is located at Cebu Tops Road, Busay, Cebu City. Just about 250 meters away from the main Cebu Trancentral road.

  1. From SM City Cebu – Around 13.2km via Banilad Rd/Gov. M. Cuenco Ave and Cebu Trancentral Hiway. Around 11.7km via Pope John Paul II Ave. and Cebu Transcentral Hiway, and 12.9km.
  2.  From Ayala Mall (Terraces) – Around 12.3km via Banilad Rd/Gov. M Cuenco Ave and Cebu Trancentral Hiway.
  3. Cebu I.T Park – Around 9.2km via Cebu Trancentral Hiway.
  4. JY Square Mall – Around 8.4 km via Cebu Trancentral Hiway.

Balay sa Busay Contact Information
Phone number: (032) 354 7169

Filipino cuisine restaurant in cebu - balay sa busay Balay sa Busay - Filipino Cuisine Restaurant in Cebu

Other Amenities of Balay sa Busay

  • Operating hours 11:00am to 11:00pm (Merienda hours is 2:00pm to 5:00pm)
  • Parking Lot
  • WiFi
  • Ramp for wheelchair
  • High chair for toddlers
  • Accept cash and card (debit and credit)

Filipino Restaurant in Cebu with good view Aunthentic Filipino Restuarant Cebu


If you have visited Balay sa Busay just recently, it would help a lot if you share your thoughts, feedback about the place. Please correct any misinformation found in this article too. Kindly contact Geemiz through comment down below or through social media and we would gladly update the details listed here.

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7th Sangka sa Kaha: Aloguinsan’s Tinubaang Tinonuang Kinsan

Sangka sa Kaha is a beautiful project of Cebu Parklane International Hotel to showcase different traditional and local dishes from all over Cebu.

Sangka sa Kaha

“A hotel in Cebu that stands for Cebu”,

In partnership with Aloguinsan municipality and Cebu tourism, the 7th year, Sangka sa Kaha visited Aloguinsan’s specialty dish Tinubaang Tinonuang Kinsan (kinsan fish in coconut wine and coconut milk).

Cebu Parklane Sangka sa Kaha

Kinsan Festival

The event is a highlight for Kinsan Festival. Aloguinsan’s annual festivity that is especially held to promote mainly its Kinsan fish products.

Aloguinsan Kinsan Festival

Kinsan fish is a type of grouper and relatively big, around a foot long and weighs about 3 kilos– a weight. Celebrated every second Sunday of June, which is the middle-high season of this fish abounding the municipality’s seawater.

Cebu Bloggers at Kinsan Festival - Sangka sa Kaha

Jeane, Angel, Kinsan Mascot and me

Seven contenders compete for Aloguinsan’s specialty dish. All menus are respectively delicious but nanay Erlinda Margallo-Gimenez from Bojo Aloguinsan Eco-tourism Association bested all other contestants.

Local Aloguinsan dish famous aloguinsan dish cebu local food Tinubaang Tinonuang Kinsan

Her winning dish will be included in the menu of Parklane Cebu hotel’s restaurant “Kan-anan”, together with past Sangka sa Kaha winning dishes; Humba sa Ronda, Torta de Argao, Takyong Sa Borbon, Podrida Sa Oslob, Bisayang Manok Sa Dumanjug, and, Adubaw nga Nokus Sa Sibonga.

Sangka sa Kaha 2018 winner Erlinda Margallo-Gimenez

Should you want to satisfy yourself with authentic Cebuano dishes, then visit Cebu Parklane hotel’s Kan-anan Restaurant located on the 4th floor. Cebu Parklane International Hotel is located at the corner of Archbishop Reyes Avenue and Escario Street.

Sangka sa Kaha 2018 contenstants Cebu Parklane Staff Aloguinsan Staff

Aside from the tasty Tinubaang Tinonuang Kinsan, Aloguinsan also prides its award-winning sustainable eco-tourism destination Bojo River with the Bojo River Cruise and the stunning white sand beach Hermit’s Cove. More about this on

More photos of the event: Click Here

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