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Geezelle is a travel and lifestyle blogger who aims to shower positivity and kindness to the world. She is a Management Accounting and Accountancy Graduate. A member of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc., Best cebu Blogs Awards volunteer and co-founder of Cebu Book Club.

December Challenge Update: Good Way to End the Year

Happy New Year!

Am I late with the greetings? well, it’s up to you.
This article is I know long overdue but thank you to my lazy schedule which is by the way is not an excuse so here I am writing my December update in the mid of January.

Let’s talk about how did I do with my December Challenge

Responsible Pet Owner Challenge
It was intense during the first and second week because my furbabies are really excited. Each time they see me with a leash they just keep on running around and jumping at me. My problem is that both of them wants to be leashed first so it is hard until they learned to calm down so that they can be leashed. I am successful in giving them bath ones a week, they still have little fleas every now and then but it has improved a lot.

Responsible Pet Owner

– I get reconnected with my dogs.
– I have increased my patience.
– I get migraine after the walks.
– I get back pain after giving them a bath.

December Pet Challenge Pet Challenge December

Will I continue with the challenge?
Yes, I will but instead of 1-hour walk I will have it 30 minutes and will do it twice a week instead of thrice a week.

Sleeping Challenge
I was successful in the first two weeks. I am already in bed by 3:00 am. But when I went home to Bohol for the holidays then I screw up my sleeping challenge big time. I always try to be in bed by 3:00am but it’s just hard. The reason for this is that my routine during the holidays especially in Bohol is different than my regular routine here in Cebu. During the holidays all I do is sleep during the day, I am well rested and my body is not accustomed to that kind of rest that’s why I am wide awake during my supposedly sleeping time.

December Sleeping Challenge

– Get to build a sleeping habit a little.
– I was not able to consider the holidays and the place. Bohol for me is like a vacation haven.

Sleeping Challenge December

Will I continue with the challenge?
Yes, but I will start in February because I am still trying to get back up from the holidays and looking for the ideal sleeping time which for now is 3:30am – 9:45am

I may not be that successful but overall I am happy with the result of my December challenge. I think I am going into the right direction with my dogs. Regarding sleeping, I think I need to work on this more and find more ways for me to have enough sleep during the night.

Dog challenge success rate – 4.5/5
Sleep challenge success rate – 3/5

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Live With and Without Challenge

Everybody wants to live a comfortable life. Who doesn’t? This is the reason why change is always difficult and why we tend to just live the way things used to be even if it means not good to ourselves.

Live With and Without Challenge is inspired by Leo Babauta’s A Year of Living Without article that motivates me to stop drinking soft drinks. Read here my article of 3 Years of No Soft Drinks.

Goal of this challenge

1. Improve way of living. There are so many things that I need to improve myself. Eliminating some of this like eating too much junk food, staying awake 24 hours and procrastinating can sure improve me.
2. Staying Healthy. I exercise every day except the days allotted as rest day but there are days when I feel just very lazy to go out and exercise.
3. Improve self-discipline. As mentioned above it is so hard to change something that we are used to and not used to. Having this challenge will push me to my limits.
4. Knowing Myself. This challenge will help me to know myself more. How strong I am to resist temptations and how weak I am to let go.
5. Accept myself for who I am. It’s easy to say than done on accepting oneself. I wanted to be perfect even if I know that nobody is perfect. If I accept myself for who I am it is more than being perfect.

What will happen?
Every month I either do something I don’t usually do or not do something that I used to do. As they say, if you survive the first 21 days or 3 weeks of doing or not doing something then it will become a habit. I will evaluate myself each month end.

(Adding as time goes)

1. December 2016
1.1 Dog Walk Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
My pet life has been chaotic for the past months. My dogs are acting like brats. They don’t listen to me anymore and they have fleas. I consider myself as an irresponsible dog owner and I hope to change it by the end of December. #geemizpet

Dog Walk


1.2 Sleep at 3:00am
I work home based and my daily weekday schedule is 7:00pm – 2:00am. After work I spend my time reading or watching youtube and not knowing that it’s already 7:00am. During this time sleep is already scarce so I get up and do other stuff until the afternoon. I just sleep when I get tired. This is so unhealthy and is keeping me unproductive. I hope that this challenge will give me a good sleeping pattern and sleeping habit then improve productivity. #geemizsleep

Sleeping Habit


Here is my December Challenge Review

2. January 2017
2.1 Write 2 travel blog post
I have a travel blog post calendar and plan. The list is nuts because I keep on procrastinating about writing. I hope this challenge will make my travel blog up to beat. #geemiztravelblog

2.2 Write 2 Lifestyle blog post
I just started my Lifestyle blog I have been posting every now and then but I am afraid that I will get lazy later on so I need to have this challenge to ensure that writing a blog post will be added to my system. #geemizlifestyleblog


#geemiztravelblog #geemizlifestyleblog

3. February 2017

Weekly Blogging Challenge

I have joined the weekly blogging challenge initiated by some amazing Cebu bloggers that will start this February 2017 till December 2017. The challenge is to write one blog post weekly on the blog that you have registered. For this challenge I have registered my Travel Blog Geemiz. I am looking forward to this because I have not been that aggressive in posting to my travel blog.

Finish 3 Books
The goal for this year is to read at least 30 books. The same goal last year but I am such a bum because I have read only 12 books and just finished the last book last month. This year I am really positive to reach 30 or more books. You can follow my reading activity through my Instagram Geemiz Books or through the Books section of this site.

4. March 2017

5 Minutes Early Challenge
Time is very precious, and this is true to everyone. This month I will see to it to treasure my time and others more. We are all consumed in the idea that being late is okay. So from now on I am imposing myself to be not just on time but 5 minutes early. This challenge will include logging in for work 5 minutes early, be in the gym 5 minutes before call time, be in the church 5 minutes before it start, meet up with friends, and attending events and gatherings.

5. April 2017

Youtube Only on Weekends
If you check the number of hours in Youtube you will be amazed. Youtube is my replacement for TV. I rarely watch TV. I have subscribe to so many channels like book related, daily vlogs, talk shows and reality shows. I realized that without Youtube on weekdays I will be more productive.

6. May 2017

5 Minute daily Meditation
I always wanted to start meditating and by that I mean sitting 5 minutes everyday breathing. Meditation is the key for mindfulness and I wanted to be a mindful person.

7. June 2017

Sleep at 3:15am
I have not fully succeeded in my sleeping challenge last December. I was not able to implement it in January and I really wanted to stick in to a healthy sleeping habit. So this month I will try again the sleeping challenge. Since I found out that sleeping at 3:00am is way too early for me so now moving it to 3:15am and I am fully committed that I will do better this time. I woke up at 9:30am on weekdays.

8. July 2017

9. August 2017

10. September 2017

11. October 2017

12. November 2017

13. December 2017

At the end of each month, I will give you update on my monthly challenge. How did it go? The struggles I faced and the fulfillment I had. You can also follow me in my social media accounts for daily updates. Just use the Monthly Hashtags.

Dog Walk –
Sleeping Bear –
Blogging –

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3rd Year of No Softdrinks

November 25, 2013 when I decided to quit drinking soft drinks.

I was reading my favorite self help blog when I came across one article entitled A Year of Living Without. It is basically about giving up something every month. Giving up something is difficult especially if the thing gives you comfort and joy.

No to softdrinks

As I finish reading the article I realize that instead of giving up for just a month or a year why not give up something for good, yes I am that ambitious. The decision was hard. I am thinking of so many different things like junk food, alcohol, chocolates, and fast food until I came to soft drinks.

  • Not alcohol because I have to drink for socialization.
  • Not junk food because movies are best watch with chips.
  • Not chocolate because come on not eating it ever means death.
  • Not fast food because there are times that we just have to eat a happy meal.

Why soft drinks?

  1. Soft drinks have ZERO health benefit.
  2. Not drinking soft drinks means staying away from diabetes. I came from a family of diabetics.
  3. There are so many alternative drinks and even healthier.
  4. I strongly believe that I can resist the temptation of drinking soft drinks.

Was it hard?
Frankly, it’s not hard. When I decided to stop drinking soft drinks 3 years ago I don’t have the urge nor I get tempted to drink soft drinks anymore.

I drink more water and we all know the health boost water can give to our body.

Drink More Water

How about when you attend parties?
Parties are no exception to my NO to Soft drinks. I usually have water or pineapple juice. No Ice tea for me because I also gave that up 2 years ago.

What is the struggle?
The struggle is not the temptation of drinking but having stomach problems each time I eat heavy food like meat or seafood except fish. My alternate drink is hot or lukewarm water until my stomach has adjusted or is it my brain, that it’s okay to just drink water.

As I mention somewhere in this article I have also stopped drinking ice tea and together with it is powdered juice.

My advice to those who want to stop drinking soft drinks but find it difficult to do so is that just do it slowly. Instead of thinking to stop it forever then do it for a weekly basis first or monthly. Later on you will realize that you have rid soft drinks in your life.

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Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016

I am happier more than ever to be a part of Best cebu Blogs Awards committee. It is my 6th year and oh how gratfeul I am seeing the Cebu Bloggers community grow.

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016

How time fly so fast, 2016 marks the 9th Best Cebu Blogs Awards.
The awarding ceremony is on November 27, 2016. A week earlier than the usual ceremony dates. The venue is at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers – 6:00pm-9:00pm.

November 29, 2016 Update – Winners are in Bold

The Finalists

Best Cebu Technology Blog

Best Cebu Technology Blog

1. Jervie Montejar of
2. Renz Decina of
3. Jullian Robin Sibi of

Best Cebu Photo Blog

Best Cebu Photo Blog

1. Jed Galang of
2. Marco Diala of
3. Miguel Abas Jr. of
4. Rea Alducente of

Best Cebu Entertainment Blog

Best Cebu Entertainment Blog

1. Doyzkie Buenaviaje of
2. Guada Cuizon of
3. Herbert Kikoy of
4. Ram Mancelita of

Best Cebu Style Blog

Best Cebu Style Blog

1. Alem Garcia of
2. Jesse Jake Daan of
3. Joymie Arnaiz of
4. Lloyd Chua of
5. Lyssa Amor of
6. Naomi Bersales of

Best Cebu Travel Blog

Best Cebu Travel Blog

1. Ian Limpangog of
2. Janine Ella Anongos of
3. Faith Mari Baquirquir of
4. Christoeffer Estrada of
5. Sheila Abellanoza and Gian Jubela of

Best Cebu Personal Blog

Best Cebu Personal Blog

1. Hannah Sheila Iway of
2. Jean Yu of
3. Joan Nadene Uy Ang of
4. Katrina Enrera of
5. Margaux Camaya of

Best Cebu Food Blog

Best Cebu Food Blog

1. Carbonette Encina of
2. Ching Sadaya of
3. Mae Godino of
4. Mimi Gonzales of
5. Xerxes Bernadez of

Other Awards
Best Creative Writing in a Blog – Christoeffer John Restauro Estrada of
Best Blog 2016 by Megaworld –  Sheila Abellanoza & Gian Jubela of
UBER Influencer Award –  Ram Mancelita of

This prestigious awarding night would not be possible without our dear sponsors.
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