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Geezelle is a travel and lifestyle blogger who aims to shower positivity and kindness to the world. She is a Management Accounting and Accountancy Graduate. A member of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc., Best Cebu Blogs Awards volunteer and co-founder of Cebu Book Club.

Review of “The Delight of Being Ordinary”

Author:Roland Merullo
Rate: 3.6/5

  1. I love the idea of a trip of 2 of the most powerful religious leader on earth, the Pope and the Dalai Lama. The idea that Jesus and Buddha on their time are with their people preaching and not on the comforts of huge cathedrals or temples.
  2. I agree with most of the times when the Pope and Dalai Lama concur on things and it actually shows that all religion is the same teaching about goodness and kindness.
  3. The character of Rosa is the spice of the story. She depicts most of the persons I know and I even sometimes see myself of her. Questioning about religious ways but believing God.
  4. Paolo, on the other hand, is your common practicing Catholic. A faithful who believes in everything the church is teaching and calling a sin everything he thinks is against the teachings of the church or against his belief.
  5. I think that the story could have focused more on the pope and the Dalai Lama. Perhaps, more conversation between them. The author could have research more about issues and topics that the Pope and the Dalai Lama commented on, then work it on the story. I wish they could have met more people along the way.
  6. Read a little of Italy’s history and Mussolini before reading this book.
  7. A good plot twist at the end.

Recommending this book to those people who wanted to be enlighted about religion and for those who love travel related stories.

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Sustainable Dining through Cebu Food Crawl 2018

I wanted to start this post by saying that I am no foodie, but I think some of you will doubt because I usually post food on my social media. But what I am really trying to say of “not a foodie” is that I rarely go to a new restaurant to eat. I only had a handful of restaurant that I frequently visit, most of them I have been to more than 5 times.

places to eat in cebu

So, why is a person like me decided to join Cebu Food Crawl?
1. I believe that Cebu has a lot to offer in terms of food.
2. I love trying new things and food will be a good addition.
3. Family, friends, and colleagues often asked me for recommendations on where is the best place to eat in Cebu and what are the must eat in Cebu? So now I can firsthand help them instead of plainly relying on reviews.

Cebu Food Crawl is on its 4th year now and it started today. Yup! I have been eating more than usual today (Check Geemiz Instagram @geemiz) and I know there are more in the coming days till December 3, 2018. You can join us too – online by checking the following hashtags on all social media platforms #CebuFoodCrawl2018 #SUNParaNimoCebu #MakeFirstMomentsHappen #TravelBeePH and let us all have a culinary adventure around Cebu.

The four-day event supports the Zero Food Waste advocacy in-line with our theme this year on “Sustainable Dining”.

Organizer and Presenters
Cebu Food Crawl is organized by the Cebu Bloggers Society, co-presented by SUN LTE (official network), Cebu Pacific Air (official airline), and TravelBee Business Inn (official residence). CFC is also supported by PayMaya and Grab.

Participating Establishments
1. Gibbs’ Hot Wings
2. 10 Dove Street Confectionery
3. The Chocolate Chamber
4. The Market by Sugbo Mercado
5. Marco Polo Plaza Cebu
6. The Detox Bar
7. Dimsum House
8. Guion
9. Handuraw
10. The Cove
11. Bigby’s
12. Boy Zugba
13. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Again you can join us in the gastronomic adventure by following these hashtags #CebuFoodCrawl2018 #SUNParaNimoCebu #MakeFirstMomentsHappen #TravelBeePH

Let me know in the comment below if you have visited the participating establishments and how is your experienced.

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Know yourself and know what you’re good at

A few weeks ago I had the privileged to be interviewed by The Big Picture Philippines Podcast to share my experience of working from home.

I have been working from home since 2010 as a freelance and in June 2011 I am affiliated with a company, so basically about a little more than 8 years now. I had my fair share of ups and downs in the industry but thankfully I am still here, grinding and learning at the same time.

Instead of retelling what I shared on the podcast you can just watch it on the video below or visit The Big Picture Philippines website.

What I wanted to talk about is a portion of the advice I gave during the podcast. I was asked what advice I can give to those who wanted to work from home.

“Know yourself. Know what you’re good at.”

Even before the internet era, there are already jobs from home like sewing, selling (sari-sari store), electronic repairs, and etc. but the internet gives a different freedom of work from home. Now we have the choice to work office type of jobs from home.

There are so many types of works you can find online and sometimes it gets overwhelming that you tend to jump from one niche to the other, and it is totally okay especially if you are just starting out. But when you are at it for 3 or more years already and not yet settled in, then it is a different story.

The online industry is fast-paced and its niche is evolving in just a blink of an eye. The perfect strategy today may not work tomorrow and the tools highly used at the moment will get outdated and replaced.

Know Yourself
Knowing yourself will give you the opportunity to recognize what you really want in life, therefore, you will have a clear idea on what path to take hence it would be easy for you to decide on what job to get.

Know what you’re good at
The highest benefit you can get from knowing yourself is to be able to distinguish the things you are good at. Now you have the upper hand over your job. There is still effort as everything has, but it is lesser.

Work from home or not, if you know yourself and know what you’re good at then success is an arm’s reach.


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My Danasan Eco Adventure Park Journey

I have been longing to write about Danasan Eco Adventure Park, like circa 2012 but each time I told myself well next time if I tried this adventure and the next time, the same thing and it took me 5 visits to at last write something about this great place in the highlands of Danao City.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park Review

The year 2012 – The Unplanned Visit

1st visit with Team Buktot. This is actually an unplanned trip. Babe arrived home with his close high school friends.

I forgot all the details but I remember tatay telling us that we can ride with the owner’s service ma’am Inday and sir Mike going to Danasan Eco Adventure Park. So we hitched with them – the owners. The guys at the back of the pick-up car and me inside.

This time the park just opened, thinking of its current activities over the 2012 visit the park looks bare.

We are lucky that ma’am Inday tours us around and gave us details on their plans of the 133-hectare estate.

We tried the zip-line, wakeboarding, and horseback riding.

The Year 2013 – Advocates Unwind

2nd visit with my Bagumbayan family.

A planned trip that started with an alcohol-filled night at home (yep been there too) we rode a 1-hour habal-habal from Danao proper to Danasan Eco Adventure Park.

We arrived late so we only did wakeboarding and caving.

The Year 2014 – Taptweens Getaway

3rd visit with my Taptweenz cousin.

Have to tour around the cousins from the country down under. The cousins stayed at home for the night, we play cards as we always did since we were young and exchange shots on the side.

We enjoyed the ATVa lot and during this time that I fell in love with the ATV ride.

We did not miss the fun of the wakeboarding. A couple of splak then a few minutes later everyone is competing for wakeboarding.

Some of my cousins went horseback riding then after the tiring wakeboarding we enjoyed our self at the swimming pool.

The Year 2015 – Farewell Adventure

4th visit with my fellow adventurer baby cousin Maitha and babe of course who is always behind the scene taking photos.

Babe and I did not know that this is our farewell trip with our baby since she is pursuing her career in the land of Kiwis.

We Trek to the waterfalls did the rappel and of course, the Tyrolean in which at first I am having a second thought if I will do it, and courage prevail so I did.

We also ride the skydrop which is the newest adventure of that time. I and Maitha doing the tandem and babe doing it alone because he is brave like that and height adventure is his favorite.

The Year 2018 – BFF Laagans

5th visit with my BFF Laagans Mr. M – Cebu’s Lifestyle Blogger of and ate Chubs, the ultimate ate of all.

They both told me that this is our official annual trip for the year, but it is what they told me during our Western Cebu Backpacking Trip last April 2018 in which by the way I will be blogging next.

Aside from the fun and craziness this 2 brings, it also means that I will have lots of instagrammable photos.


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We tried a lot of rides, we did zip-line, horseback riding, skybike, speedway, ATV, and skydrop.

I am still looking forward to another adventure with this two this year.

Activities and Adventure to do in Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Thrilling Height Activities in Danasan Eco Adventure Park
Adrenaline Rush Speed Activities in Danasan Eco Adventure Park
Wet and Wild Water Activities in Danasan Eco Adventure Park
Soothing Nature Activities in Danasan Eco Adventure Park

My every visit to Danasan Adventure Park excites me. Each visit is different that is why I keep on coming to Danasan Eco Park.

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Kaiser Medical Center SM City Cebu

The newest Kaiser Medical Center is now open in SM City Cebu. More accessible to every Cebuano who wanted to improve or maintain their health.

SM City Cebu kaiser Medical Center

Kaiser Medical Center Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you open to everyone?
A: The center is open to everyone. You can visit as walk-in or call for reservations.

Q: What is your clinic hours?
A: Sunday – Thursday: 6 am – 9 pm, while on Friday – Saturday: 6 am – 10 pm. If visiting before mall hours, enter thru door 3 or door 6 (by the Jollibee entrance facing APM mall) just say you’re going to Kaiser Medical.

Q: What services do you offer?
A: Please see below image for the list of services offered by Kaiser Medical Center.

Kaiser Medical Center SM City Cebu list of available laboratory test

Q: Do you accept non-Kaiser Insurance plan holder?
A: Kaiser Medical Center is open to everyone, even for non-Kaiser Insurance plan holder.

Q: Do you have available doctors?
A: Kaiser Medical Center Sm City Cebu have doctors available daily. They have Internal Medicine, EENT, Pediatrician, and Radio-Sono.

Kaiser Medical Center SM City Cebu Doctor Schedule
Here is the list of schedules for the doctors at Kaiser Medical Center Cebu SM City.

Kaiser Medical Center Internest Schedule

Kaiser Medical Center EENT and Pediatrician schedule

Kaiser Medical Center Radio Sono doctor

Kaiser Medical Center Laboratory Prices
Here is a list of price for some of the laboratory services offered at Kaiser Medical Center SM City Cebu.

Breast Ultrasound – 1,000.00 php
Kidney Ultrasound – 900.00 php
Pelvic ultrasound (non-pregnant) – 800.00 php

ultrasound available at kaiser medical center sm city cebu

Pelvic ultrasound (pregnant) – 1000.00 php
ECG – 300.00 php
2D Echo – 3,000.00 php

ECG and 2D Echo Kaiser Medical Center

Pap smear exam – 500.00 php
Urinalysis – 80.00 php
Total cholesterol – 180.00 php

kaiser medical center cebu lab test

CBC with platelet – 235.00 php
FBS – 100.00 php
Blood typing with Rh – 150.00 php

kaiser medical center equipments

Potassium test – 200.00 php
Annual Physical Package – 550.00 php
*include a physical exam, urine test, stool test, CBC, and chest X-ray

Annual Physical exam package kaiser medical center

Kaiser Medical Center is also available in SM Seaside and MEPZ 1 click here to learn more.

The Clinic – Kaiser Medical Center SM City

Kaiser Medical Center SM City Cebu Contact Information
Phone number: (032) 342-7133

If you have visited Kaiser Medical Center – Sm City Cebu just recently, it would help a lot if you share your thoughts, feedback about the place. Please correct any misinformation found in this article too. Kindly contact Geemiz through comment down below or through social media and we would gladly update the details listed here.

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